Dear Diary

by Roxylee


Dear Diary,

I am writing this all down here because no one would believe what happened last night, and I need to preserve the memory in hopes that I can convince myself that I haven't lost my mind. Perhaps if I record this account in my childhood diary, someone, someday might read this and believe. But not now. Not for a long time...I am still trying to believe it happened, myself.

It started out simply enough. A writing assignment, the professor said. A descriptive account, he said. HA. There is no way to adequately describe this event, but I will try. I figured being 18 meant adventure, but I never knew this kind of adventure existed! I would write it as a fictional account, but he insisted it had to be real. Well, diary, my definition of Real just got altered. Did I say altered? I meant shattered. My hands shake as I recall last night's vision, or dream, or...actuality. OK, take a deep breath... Here I go...

Each of us was to pick a spot where we would have complete solitude, and it had to be someplace outdoors. We were to sit quietly and just listen to the sounds of nature, letting the sounds, colors, and feelings become acute so we could write them all down. 'What better place than the desert?' I thought as the prof handed out the guidelines. We were to bring nothing except pen and paper, and to remain sitting for at least one hour, doing absolutely nothing but looking and listening Then, we were to write down every input, including our intrusive thoughts, as an exercise in focus and concentration. I decided I'd make it even better by sleeping overnight out there, something I will never do again.

So yesterday after class I packed the pop-up, grabbed my supplies and headed out, leaving a note for my mom that I would be home early today. I planned to enjoy a little extra solitude last night, and this morning walk a distance from camp to do the assignment by the rules. Rules...I thought the Universe had rules, but now I am not so sure. But I digress...(OK, here is some of the description I will have to modify to hand in) The evening air in the desert was cool and still. All the noise of the city was beginning to fade and I sighed, letting all the tension out. It dawned on me then, how much noise we are subject to all day! Here, it seemed perfectly tranquil, except for the occasional red tailed hawk's cry or an airplane far up in slowly darkening sky. I had let myself fully concentrate on how the sun felt on my arms; then, as the shadows lengthened, how the drop in temperature caused goose bumps to raise the hairs on my arms. A soft breeze ruffled my hair as I watched the glorious desert sunset. The evening passed that way,with me thinking, problem solving, actually...and I got a lot of things straight in my mind. 'How peaceful, how beautiful...' I sighed to myself. 'No wonder the desert attracts so many people-It is so calming.' This, of course, was before I was jolted into another Reality...After I had eaten the sandwich and granola bar I had packed, I wrapped myself in my favorite comforter I had taken from my bed at home. Leaving the tent screening open, I lay on my back and looked up at the deep blue sky sprinkled with myriad stars before I drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep, intending to watch the sunrise as I did the real assignment.

I awoke slowly, and rubbed the dark haze from my eyes. The desert air was cold today. It should have been daylight, but instead a black shadow hung in the air. Looking up, I saw that the sky was almost completely blacked out, crawling with thousands of swirling shapes. As I focused and my vision cleared, I could make out the unmistakable silhouettes, and my heart stopped... Dragons! In all my life I had seen only one, and that was a quick glimpse while exploring the cliffs as a child. I also remembered old legends and descriptions of the dragon, a fierce powerful creature who could appear suddenly in our reality, and with a single thought, bring death, life, order, or chaos. Dragons were rarely seen by people unless one of these events was about to take place. As I thought about this phenomenon, and now multiplied it by thousands, a hideously helpless feeling began to come over me. The dragons had now aligned, and were gliding together in a large circle overhead. Half in fear and half in awe I watched, as inside the circle, a huge dark rip began to open in the middle of the sky.

"This can't be happening..." I whispered, and my voice seemed to echo in the now frightening stillness. Maybe it was my imagination, seeing shapes that were really storm clouds outside the screen. I knew I had to go out and get a better look, and it took all my courage to do so. My heart nearly stopped as I stood up outside, now fully awake, and realized that what I was seeing was real! The multitude of dragon shapes were indeed flying in a huge circle, and it was right overhead! Faster and faster the dragons whirled, larger and larger the opening grew, and I felt as if in a dream. You know, the kind of dream where you want really badly to run, but your feet cannot budge. I stood transfixed, mutely staring up at the sky, hoping I wouldn't be noticed.

All at once a bright, sort of shimmering light poured through the opening! It shone down to create a huge spotlight with a radius of maybe 100 feet. The light seemed to spread itself out equally, until the very air had a quality not unlike sunlight glinting off a lake at high noon. If I wasn't so scared, it would have been a beautiful sight. Instead of looking up at the dragons now, my eyes were fixed on my surroundings, for something very strange was happening...How can I describe this? At first it was like time was standing still, and I don't know how long it was like that, but then....It literally began to move! When I say move, I mean move. Everything seemed sharp focused, in crystal clarity, and for the first time since this started, I heard a sound. It was like this: fhiip fhiip fhiip fhiip fhiip, and went faster and faster. But that isn't all, diary, oh, no. What came next I will never forget, not if I live to be 100. With a shock I realized that time was moving forward at a very fast clip! I watched the seguaro burst into bloom and then watched the flowers close back up. Clouds flew across the sky and receded into deep blue, then black, as the night fell. Day and night alternated, each lasting for about 10 seconds! Hot, cold, bright, dark, clear, rainy- I was caught up in a living time lapse photograph. How many days and nights passed? I do not know. I only know I was mute, mesmerized, rooted to the spot in uncomprehending shock. Then somehow, when the sounds slowed down, stopped, then started back up, I knew time was being reversed! All this was taking place within the circle of light, and when it was complete, the air took on its shimmering quality for a few seconds before can I describe this... the spotlight scrolled up into the sky! When I was able to look up, I saw the dragon circle closing, then once again the sky above me went black for a few seconds. Then, somewhat like a giant funnel, all the dragons were drawn up into the whirling vortex, straight up into the heavens! Suddenly it was just a normal desert morning, except that I will never again take morning, or anything for that matter, for granted.

I know this sounds impossible, but I swear it happened. I was there, and it was real, unless I am crazy. I've been listening to the radio, and no reports are coming in about what I experienced. I wonder why this happened. Were the dragons having fun, practicing for something bigger, or what? There are no answers, only my questions that I fervently hope will remain unanswered.