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This page contains a small number of musical compositions I have written over the years. The main reason there are just a handful of short pieces here is because I have very small hands... OK, seriously, the songs below are just a sampling of some of my works, and I wish to share them with you. There are more recent, longer/rewritten, high quality recordings of these, and other pieces, which I am preparing for sale on an upcoming CD (and a DVD music video, in one case below.)

Please respect my hard work. These pieces have been composed note-by note, sometimes taking months to create. They are copyrighted works, and they may not be sampled, publicly performed, modified, commercially used or linked to without my explicit permission. I have posted them here simply to let you hear and enjoy them.

I do hope you enjoy my music. If you wish to offer professional critique, or wish to discuss licensing or buying the printed scores, please e-mail me (go to my Contact tab above), I would be delighted to hear from you.

My music is printed as properly-transposed sheet music for each instrument, ready for live performances, when the opportunity arises (e.g. see the video below.)

Click the music staff above to see an example of a partial page from one of my works. Full scores, along with individual instrument scores can be licensed for use/performance, quite inexpensively. Please e-mail me for details.

Free MP3/Audio recordings of my music can also be found on a number of other web sites.

Macjams is my favorite spot, and is where I have spent most of my time learning and working with other musicians/composers.  If you wish to listen to the majority of my works (40+ so far), you can find them all at the above-mentioned link.

Myspace is a jungle, but I do have a minor presence there too.

iCompositions is another great web site, but I have almost no time to spend there.  There is a unique music video posted there that is found nowhere else, though.

AloneTone is a relatively new web site, and I have some of my music there too.

I also have a small number of more experimental pieces of music, many are algorithmically/computer-generated.  I keep these pieces under a separate account, since they are a bit more wild and untamed.  You can find them under the "ic42" label here on Macjams, AloneTone, and MySpace.

Four Worlds   Music Video
Click here to read more about this DVD of music videos.

One of my compositions was performed by the San Diego Mandolin Orchestra on December 21, 2011, and we video-taped the performance, which can be viewed below:

Original Music Compositions