Off I go, Indigo!

A Short Fable - by Eduard Schwan

Paperback, and e-book for Apple & Kindle

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About the book

Cormorants today are are slender black birds with bright blue eyes. Long before this age however, they were a beautiful blue head to toe, the same color as their eyes. What happened that made their feathers change color to black? Here is the fable...

This book is a short story suitable for young and old, 6x9 inch paperback book, full-color cover, 20 pages. Story written and published by Eduard Schwan, original watercolor cover art by Sarah Lane.


"This is such a sweet story. It is heartfelt, romantic, and clever! I want to share it with everyone I know!" - Elli A.

"So thoughtfully conceived and written, 'Off I go, Indigo!' is not only a beautiful modern fable for all ages, but it also encourages readers to think beyond what they see, to imagine and to go a bit deeper. A real treat for our world today!" - Sarah Lane

"The colorful art and sweet story will delight both children and adults alike." - Lori Fierstadt

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Available world-wide, in Paperback:

You can order the paperback book on-line on Amazon here for $6.99 (USD). If this link does not open to your country's Amazon site, please open your regular Amazon site, and search for the book "Off I go, Indigo!".

You can also pick up a limited-edition 'gold' paperback right now from the wonderful art supply store "Art and Happiness" in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

You can also ask your local bookstore to order a paperback copy for you. They can look it up by title, or by ISBN: 978-1-0879-8579-4

Also available world-wide, in e-book reader format for Apple Books and Amazon Kindle:

You can purchase and download the e-book directly to your iPhone or Macintosh for $1.99 (USD):

You can purchase and download the e-book directly to your Kindle on Amazon here for $1.99 (USD):

About the Author

Eduard Schwan is a writer of books, maker of software apps, photographer of nature, composer of music, and home-roaster of coffee. He and his wife are happily enjoying life in the upper-left corner of Washington State, USA.

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