Abstract Art Coloring Book

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Seamlessly Endless Patterns

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Looking for the next level of coloring book with abstract patterns never seen before? Here it is!

This unique coloring book presents 37 mathematically created patterns of ornate beauty, from large swirly spaces to delightfully delicious details. These designs will ignite your creativity and reduce the stress of this year with a breath of fresh air.

Unique Twist: Each pattern is designed to seamlessly flow into itself! This means that you can join copies of a pattern side-by-side, and extend your artwork and coloring experience way outside this book.

Features that make this book fun and easy to color

This book has been crafted with a great deal of care and thought to make your coloring easy and rewarding.

  • Various new and beautifully flowing abstract patterns, unlike any coloring book art you have seen.
  • The images are created and printed in crisp high-resolution detail, using thinner lines for some of the more intricate patterns.
  • Each pattern is on its own sheet, to reduce bleed-through and let you frame each one.
  • The book is divided into several sections, with patterns ranging from wide open spaces to mixed sizes to tightly detailed patterns, offering something for everyone.
  • There are a few bonus "mini-patterns" at the end, and a final "Thank You" note from me to you, and for you to cut out, color, fold, and send to a friend.
  • There is a "test page" to let you try your pencils/pens on the paper to see how your colors set on the paper.


You can order the book on-line on Amazon here for $5.69. If this link does not open to your country's Amazon site, please open your regular Amazon site, and search for my book "Seamlessly Endless Patterns: Abstract Art - Adult Coloring Book"

You can also pick up a high-quality (limited-printing) version of the book "Seamlessly Endless Patterns, Gold Edition" from the wonderful art supply store "Art and Happiness" in Bellingham, Washington, USA for $22.95. It is printed on high-grade thick paper and is spiral-bound so it lays flat. It is available there while quantities last (already half are sold!)

Instagram Goodies

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Free Patterns!

Interested in trying some of these patterns before buying the book? Or did you finish coloring the book and now want more? The link below will let you directly download two free patterns, just like the ones in the book but brand new!
Click here to download a PDF of extra patterns for you to print and color.

Copyright © 2020, Eduard Schwan. All rights reserved. These patterns may not be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form without the prior consent of the author. Exceptions to this are the recipient making additional copies of pages for their own personal use for coloring, brief quotations embodied in critical reviews, and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.


Advanced Ideas

1. Eduard's video of ideas:

2. The "Art and Happiness" Bellingham craft store (limited "Gold Edition" books sold here) has a blog [click here] showing some fun things to do with the patterns, as well as a tutorial video of ideas here:

About the Author

My first lifetime was spent in San Diego California, USA, attending UCSD and National University and collecting a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, writing various kinds of software including educational, language translation, tax preparation, and video/photo editing, as well as raising 2 children and a cat, and publishing a computer graphics book.

I am now enjoying my second lifetime with my wife at home with the eagles and owls in the forests at the top of Washington State. I am busy writing my own software and books, composing music, making music videos, photographing wildlife, home-roasting my own coffee, traveling and exploring, and still learning and creating new things every day.

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