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1. Software ready for you to play with now

Ask Fortuna

Need some Instant Karma? A Zen Zinger? Funny Fortune?
Ask Fortuna... she has a cornucopia of suggestions and smiles!
More Info: Ask Fortuna

$0.99 USD for macOS X and iOS

Whirlwind WordSearch

Searching for a good Macintosh puzzle-maker?
We've got the solution right here!
Now anyone can easily make a wide variety of professional word search puzzles.
Words... Click... Print... Nice!
More Info: Whirlwind WordSearch

$9.99 USD for macOS X

Pass the Phrase

"Pass the Phrase" is an intriguing new phrase generator for your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh.

It creates bazillions of sweetly memorable random multi-syllable or multi-word phrases, useful as pass-phrases or passwords, secret-names for your next project, or possibly great new business names.

More Info: Pass the Phrase

FREE for macOS X and iOS

Romanoff (iOS)

Convert between Arabic numbers and Roman and Japanese/Chinese numbers on your iPad or iPhone... for free!
More Info: Romanoff

Free for iOS

2. Software bubbling in the lab, coming soon...


Lyttony - Working Title Format [wtf]

Are you ready to write that next amazing novel? Are you stuck trying to think of an opening line, since "It was a dark and stormy night" is already taken?

This software offers a cure to writer's block with the push of a button!

More Info: Lyttony

$?? USD for macOS X and iOS


Imaginiti - Working Title Format [wtf]

Interactive graphics application, which magically creates an endless number of seamless tiles of abstract patterns!

By the typing of my thumbs... Something wicked this way comes...

More Info: Imaginiti

$?? USD for macOS X and iOS

3. Software from the misty past...

I have written software for various large companies (Intuit, Jostens Learning, GoPro, Hewlett-Packard) as well as small companies (MicroTac/Globalink, Gryphon Software.)

I was primary (pro bono) Mac developer for 8 years on the POV-Ray team (1990s), and wrote/published a paper-back tutorial book on the software.

I was author of the shareware Quicktime movie-maker utility "MooVer" (which was awarded 5 mice and licensed to be included in numerous printed books and magazines internationally.)

I also wrote factory automation software for Teleplex Corp., and was co-inventor on 2 patents.