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Software ready for you to play with

Ask Fortuna

Need some Instant Karma? A Zen Zinger? Funny Fortune?
Ask Fortuna... she has a cornucopia of suggestions and smiles!
More Info: Ask Fortuna

$0.99 USD for macOS and iOS

Whirlwind WordSearch

Searching for a good Macintosh puzzle-maker?
We've got the solution right here!
Now anyone can easily make a wide variety of professional word search puzzles.
Words... Click... Print... Nice!
More Info: Whirlwind WordSearch

$9.99 USD for macOS

Pass the Phrase

"Pass the Phrase" is an intriguing new phrase generator for your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh.

It creates bazillions of sweetly memorable random multi-syllable or multi-word phrases, useful as pass-phrases or passwords, secret-names for your next project, or possibly great new business names.

More Info: Pass the Phrase

FREE for macOS and iOS

Romanoff (iOS)

Convert between Arabic numbers and Roman and Japanese/Chinese numbers on your iPad or iPhone... for free!
More Info: Romanoff

Free for iOS

Software bubbling in the lab, coming soon...


Imaginiti (Working Title Format)

Interactive graphics application, which magically creates and endless number of seamless tiles of abstract patterns!

By the typing of my thumbs... Something wicked this way comes...

More Info: Imaginiti

$?.?? USD for macOS and iOS


L... (Working Title Format)

Ready to write that next amazing novel? Are you stuck trying to think of an opening line, since "It was a dark and stormy night" is already taken?

By the typing of my thumbs... Something wicked this way comes...

More Info: L...

$?.?? USD for macOS and iOS

Software from the misty past...

I have written software for various large companies (Intuit, Jostens Learning, GoPro, Hewlett-Packard) as well as small companies (MicroTac/Globalink, Gryphon Software.)

I was primary (pro bono) Mac developer for 8 years on the POV-Ray team (1990s), and wrote/published a paper-back tutorial book on the software.

I was author of the shareware Quicktime movie-maker utility "MooVer" (which was awarded 5 mice and licensed to be included in numerous printed books and magazines.)

I also wrote factory automation software for Teleplex Corp., and was co-inventor on 2 patents.