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Essay on Dragons, Fractals, the Universe, and Connections

The answer is not quite 42, and hopefully more interesting. Click here to read my thoughts on these connections.

DragonSeeds - Collaborative Short Story Project

A group of friends and family (and myself) wrote our own stories, based on a single seed paragraph, then shared and compared the results. The differences and similarities were fascinating, as are the stories themselves.

The stories are here.

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Published Books

My Word! Coffee -- Word Puzzles & More

published April 2021

(Click book cover above for the main book product page and more information)

Published and available here on Amazon, and also locally available in Bellingham, WA.

Looking for a big scoop of coffee puzzles and information? This unique blend of activities will delight and inspire adults and teens alike. As you work your way through the carefully crafted puzzles, artsy coloring pages and smirky quotes, the extra facts and recipe ideas will give you new insights into this coveted cup we call coffee. Perhaps you will discover some curious words along the way, like “phin”, and go look up how they relate to coffee. Work your way from the easy section (light roast), harder section (medium roast) to the diabolically hard section (dark roast.) Ah, and then there is a deeper final puzzle, which you can only solve after you have solved all these puzzle pages. This is all beautifully blended to bring you stimulating entertainment and extra information about this wonderful drink.

Fill your cup and grab a pencil and delve deep into the puzzles and pleasures of the wild world of coffee.

  • This 94 page book has three sections, moving you from easy through diabolically tricky puzzles.
  • Each section has several activities of different types:
    • Word Searches
    • Maze Phrases
    • Anagrams
    • Interesting coffee facts
    • Cryptograms
    • Fun coffee quotes
    • Abstract art coloring/doodle pages.
  • There are 74 activities in this book, plus some coffee history and recipe ideas, and an answer key for all puzzles in the back in case you run out of coffee early.
  • One final puzzle is only solvable after all other puzzles are solved.
  • All of the puzzles and artwork in this book are unique and custom-designed by me and my software. You will not find these puzzles anywhere else.

Seamlessly Endless Patterns

published October 2020

(Click book cover above for the main book product page and more information)

Published and available here on Amazon, and also a locally-printed "Gold Edition" available in Bellingham, WA.

Looking for the next level of coloring book with abstract patterns never seen before? Here it is!

This unique coloring book presents 37 mathematically created patterns of ornate beauty, from large swirly spaces to delightfully delicious details. These designs will ignite your creativity and reduce the stress of this year with a breath of fresh air.

With a twist

Each pattern is designed to seamlessly flow into itself! This means that you can join copies of a pattern side-by-side, and extend your artwork and coloring experience way outside this book.

Ray Tracing for the Macintosh/CD

published 1994, by Waite Group Press (out of print)

My (now out-of-print) tutorial book about creating 3D computer images has started to show up at discount book centers, and you may still be able to find it on-line from Amazon Books, here. "Ray Tracing for the Macintosh CD" comes with a Mac OS (9) CD-ROM that has the full POV-Ray Macintosh application & documentation, lots of scenes with sources from professional artists, animated QuickTime movies, an on-line multimedia encyclopedia of POV-Ray keywords, many Mac utility programs, etc. The book starts at an introductory level, giving an overview of ray tracing and 3-D art. It then explains POV-Ray, its language, and starts you building scenes. It has a chapter on advanced scene design and creation. There is a chapter on creating QuickTime animations, with tips on how to move things around in your scene. There are many example movies on the CD-ROM, and tools to create QuickTime movies yourself. This book covers POV-Ray Mac OS version 2.2, but the techniques and examples in the book carry over to POV-Ray version 3, as well as other rendering applications.

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