Senior Software Engineer

Specializing in Macintosh Software Development

Well-qualified Software Engineer offering extensive experience in C/C++ object-oriented design, development & maintenance, multi-platform debugging, use of source code control and defect-tracking systems, and the Macintosh XCode development environment. Skilled at maintaining and expanding existing body of software code. Collaborative liaison between multiple, cross-functional, and international teams. Excels at explaining complex components to both technical and non-technical audiences. Creative and versatile professional with outside-the-box problem-resolution abilities. Scrum and Agile team member proficient in all phases of software development life cycle. Passion for and expertise in creating Macintosh software applications.

Highly proficient in C/C++. Good working knowledge of Objective C, Cocoa & XCode, and developing and debugging MacOS X and iOS (iPhone/iPad) applications. Skilled in multiple languages, application frameworks, Unix shell-scripting languages, bug-tracking systems, and source-code-control systems (Perforce, Git, SourceSafe, etc.) Good working knowledge of STL, Windows, Unix/Linux operating systems and scripting in BASH. Experience writing software/hardware APIs.

Career Overview

Senior Software Engineer HEWLETT PACKARD, RANCHO BERNARDO, CA. 2017-2018

▫Designed/coded UI and components in Xamarin/C# on Macintosh for a Mac desktop printer/scanner application.

Senior Software Engineer GoPro, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA. 2013-2017

▫Working on MacOS X version of NLE Video editing software in Objective C & C++, as well as setting up a Jenkins continuous-integration build environment for testing/packaging/distributing the product to engineers/QA.

Software Engineer/Sole Proprietor SchwanSongs, San Diego, CA2008-Present

▫Certified Apple Mac & iOS developer, designed/wrote/published a word-search puzzle maker in C++ & Objective C using Git and XCode 4 (in Mac App Store on 2/1/2013): and a Roman Numeral converter iPad/iPhone app (in App Store on 2/28/2013):

Senior/Staff Software Engineer Intuit, San Diego, CA1998-2012

▫Maintained and developed several large subsystems of a multi-platform C++ code library consisting of 1.5 million lines of source code (Mac/iPad/Windows/SunOS/Linux) for the TurboTax, ProSeries, and QuickBooks products.

▫Assisted external consulting group with gathering business requirements, designing, writing, and debugging a 25k-line (Objective C) Macintosh WYSIWYG in-house form-editor utility.

▫Added build-automation support to port/run existing 150+ unit tests on the iPad.

▫Invented a solid cross-platform C++ command-line tool framework, allowing quick creation of new command-line tools/utilities compatible with Mac/Windows/Linux, used for in-house and production tools.

▫Key liaison to Tax Development (content) and Customer Experience (user-experience) teams

▫Implemented/tested the TurboTax portion of the "competitor-tax-file-importer" feature, earning the prestigious Chipman award for it.

Senior Software Engineer Gryphon Software Corp., San Diego, CA1996-1998

▫Designed and coded two children's activity center-style retail game products for Macintosh, "Adventures of Pinocchio" and "Superman Activity Center" using C++ and PowerPlant. 

▫Wrote many parts in cross-platform code designed to be compatible with MS Windows. Wrote several tools for converting sound and graphics files into in-house sprite formats. 

▫Set up company source code control system (SourceSafe/CodeManager). Began writing an elementary school spreadsheet product. 

Senior Programmer • Globalink, Inc., San Diego, CA1994-1996

▫Designed and coded user interface enhancements in C++ and StarView framework Macintosh human language translator product, assisted with design of a general API for the product. 

▫Critiqued user interface design of a new product for Windows NT; scheduled, designed, and coded several large elements of the product and built general utility classes for user interface. 

▫Helped build and implement an overall software development model for use on the project, sending release notes to Configuration Management, and using the bug-tracking system with QA. 

Senior Software Engineer • Jostens Learning Corporation, San Diego, CA1986-1994

▫Ported multi-media interpreter from MSDOS to Apple IIGS, rewriting routines for animation, music, and audio recording

▫Attended many Apple WWDC conferences and was POC/liaison for Apple Tech Support.

Related Technical Experience

Music Composer, Computer Animator, Video Editor/Producer SchwanSongs, San Diego, CA1999-Present

▫Contracted, shot, edited, and produced over a dozen commercial videos for small businesses and musicians.

▫Designed, created, and published a computer-animated music-video DVD containing 22 minutes of original music and video:

▫Composed and recorded over 50 original music compositions, often collaborating internationally with other musicians. Selected recordings have been played on KSVY 91.3 FM radio in Sonoma, California, and one piece is licensed in the XBox-Live game AutoMorpion by CircleZebra.

▫Transcribed my original piece for "Mandolin Orchestra"; the piece has been performed live multiple times by the San Diego Mandolin Orchestra:

Software Engineer/Sole Proprietor esp Software, San Diego, CA1992-2001

▫Designed, wrote, and marketed "MooVer", a Mac shareware utility, which received a “5-mouse” review in MacWorld magazine, sold thousands of copies, and was licensed to be distributed in 3 separate commercially published books and several magazines. 

▫Authored a 200-page technical book and CD-ROM on ray tracing computer graphics on the Macintosh computer, "Ray Tracing for the Macintosh/CD", ISBN 1-878739-72-7, published by Waite Group Press in 1994. Also created illustrations and artwork and helped design the layout and interactive multi-media reference section on CD-ROM. 

▫Took over development of the Macintosh version of a freeware ray tracing application (POV-Ray) for 8 years.  Project is ongoing and involves working with a globally-distributed programming team in an open source development environment.

▫Initially developed application using CompuServe for communication, source code control, and released product distribution. Added support for PowerPC, MPW and Metrowerks, AppleEvents and QuickTime, completely redesigned the user interface. 

Programmer Analyst • White Data Systems, San Diego, CA1982-1986

▫Designed, coded, and tested various parts of inventory control systems for factory automation robotic hardware/software products. 

▫Wrote custom database/reporting software, and network hardware communications drivers.

▫Traveled to several customer sites to help install hardware and software. 

Software Engineer • Teleplex Corporation, San Diego, CA1982-1999

▫Designed, coded, and tested custom hardware configuration editor, run-time control software, and network hardware communications drivers.

▫Co-author on two patents related to software/hardware communication.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude -- National University, Vista, CA (1984)

General Studies, University of California (Warren College), San Diego, CA (1982)

Other Interests

▫Computer ray tracing/animation, shooting/editing video, photography, music composition, world travel/music/culture, Terry Pratchett, home coffee roasting.

Résumé / Curriculum Vitae