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Book Series Overview

Here are some small fun books I am creating. These are little 5.5" x 8.5" black&white books. They are locally printed limited editions available only at a local shop or two here in my home-town of Bellingham, Washington USA.


#1 - Maze Words


Let's fill up that wonderful brain of yours with puzzles from A to Z! In this fun little booklet, each letter of the alphabet brings you an enticing maze and a wild new word. Hand-crafted for all us spelunking logophiles.

Example Pages

Here are some example pages from the book:


Book Covers (available in Green and Blue)

Front Cover:
Back Cover:

#2 - Dragon Scales


This book contains a short story I wrote about an unusual thought-provoking encounter with dragons. This was a collaborative writing project I created with a bunch of friends, who also spun off and wrote their own stories based on my "seed" paragraph idea. This seed writing prompt is included at the end of the book for you to write your own little story from too, if you feel so inspired!

Example Pages

Here are some example pages from the book:


Book Covers (available in various colors)

Front Cover:
Back Cover:

Where to Buy

Only available in a local shop or two, for about $7 USD. I don't mail them, but could hand you a copy if you are in the area.

It is available at the wonderful art supply store "Art and Happiness" at 2004 James Street, Bellingham, Washington, USA.


About the Author

My first lifetime was spent in San Diego California, USA, attending UCSD and National University and collecting a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, writing various kinds of software including educational, language translation, tax preparation, and video/photo editing, as well as raising 2 children and a cat, and publishing a computer graphics book.

Now I am enjoying my second lifetime with my wife and the eagles and owls in the forests at the top of Washington State. I am busy writing my own software and books, composing music, making music videos, photographing wildlife, home-roasting my own coffee, traveling, exploring, and still learning and creating new things every day.

Contact Information

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