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Overview: What is "Minos Maze Maker"?

Minos Maze Maker is a powerful maze generator that makes beautifully shaped and customized mazes and their solutions.

You can print the mazes or export them into your newsletters, puzzle-books, school handouts, or web pages. Make them sweet and easy, or make them diabolically difficult. With Minos Maze Maker, you will be creating unique professional-looking mazes right away.

The name "Minos Maze Maker" hints at the the story of the ancient Greek king Minos who hid his Minotaur monster away in a labyrinth.

Shapes and Sizes - Choose from many built-in maze shapes, several cell shapes, and the mazes can range in size from as small as 5x5 up to 50x50.

MazePhrase Mode - Add a word or phrase, and it will be laid along the solution path. The rest of the maze will be filled with letters from your phrase, but only the solution path will contain the entire correct phrase.

Custom Detailing - Personalize your mazes by choosing your own wall colors, thickness, and wiggliness, move the start and end spots anywhere, choose different solution path display styles, etc.

Royalty-Free - You can export high-quality maze and solution images and re-publish them in your own books, newsletters, social media/blogs, or classroom handouts.

Pretty Brainy - These are not just pretty mazes though, underneath is a powerful maze-generator with a novel maze-building algorithm. Just slide the "Difficulty to Solve" setting to create easy, difficult, or diabolical mazes.

Try-it-First - There is a "Lite" version of this software that you can download for free and see how it works before you buy it.


Pricing & Download

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Lite Software

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$14.99 USD

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All future updates are free.


Click below to download the free version from the App Store:

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Do you wish to try it first before you buy it? You can download and use this "Lite" version of the application for free.


Click below to download the User Guide:

If you want to look over the full user guide that comes with the software, it is separately and freely available here too (PDF document.)

Full/Lite Differences

Here are the differences between the "Full" and "Lite" software applications:



Minos Maze Maker is a rather impressive maze-generator. Compare these features against any maze building software you are using now...

  • Quickly create one, or dozens, or hundreds of wildly unique mazes.
  • Choose from many built-in maze shapes: Square, Tall/Wide Rectangles, Circle, Heart, Diamond, Bow-tie, Pinwheel, X, UL-Wedge, LL-Wedge, UR-Wedge, LR-Wedge, Checkers, Square-hole, Donut, Right-Arrow, Left-Arrow, Up-Arrow, Down-Arrow, Plus Sign, Up-Triangle, Down-Triangle, Crescent, Cross, Onion Dome, 4-Clover, Square-Peg, Round-Hole, Mushroom, Oval, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, 4-pointed star, 5-pointed star, 6-pointed star.
  • Create mazes ranging in size from 5-by-5 up to 50-by-50 cells.
  • Not just your old square cells... you can choose mazes to be built with square, hexagon or "octogrid" cells.
  • Draw normal walled mazes, or draw lines along all the inner paths.
  • Quickly change the maze difficulty. Simply move a slider from "very easy" mazes to "very hard" mazes, without worrying about all the details of how it works.
  • MazePhrase! You can add a word or phrase, and it will be laid along the solution path, with decoy letters along the wrong (dead-end) paths.
  • Customize the cell wall colors and thicknesses, and even make them wiggly for that hand-drawn look.
  • Easy printing of the maze and/or solution to your printer.
  • Export high-quality images of your mazes and solution keys for layout/publishing in your own books, newsletters, social media/blog, classroom handouts, games, or CNC/laser-cutter machines. Supports PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, and POV-Ray file formats.
  • "Snapshot" your custom layout settings so you can instantly build other mazes with the same "look".
  • Mazes will always be built with only one solution, no islands here!
  • Work without a net... You can run Minos Maze Maker anywhere... you never need an internet connection to create, save, and print your mazes.
  • Supports Dark Mode and Full-Screen mode.
  • Save your maze files and share them with other Minos Maze Maker users, or open them again later to edit them to create whole new mazes.
  • Includes a comprehensive built-in 27+ page User Guide, containing tutorials and tips and describing every option, getting you up-to-speed right away. Advanced features are explained, helping you create high-quality and uniquely personalized mazes.

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What's New

1.1.0 - October, 2022

  • BIG New Feature: Maze PATH style (See Layout/Walls.) Now you can choose to draw path lines along all the maze corridors, instead of walls beside the paths. This is possibly most useful when exported as SVG/PDF for cutting of a maze with a router/cricut/CNC machine.
  • Start and End wall-breakout directions are now configurable!
  • Big layout changes to the Layout tab, broken into Maze/Cell/Wall sub-sections.
  • Added 5 new shapes: Vertical Oval, Chevron-Up, Chevron-Down, Chevron-Left, Chevron-Right.
  • Allowed slightly smaller size (10x10) for shapes (Jen)
  • Cleaner user interface, and better preview display in dark mode. (Thanks Katya!)
  • MazePhrase now has a #-of-letters counter text above text box, updated as you type.
  • Updated the maze-maker so it makes nicer looking mazes on EASY difficulty.
  • When doing MazePhrase mode, the Solution Marker style is now automatically switched to MazePhrase letters, and no other styles are allowed.
  • Reworked the Intro Screen, adding a PRIOR button and refining the user interface for easier navigation (Thanks Katya!)
  • Swapped position of Export and Appearance in the Prefs window. (Thanks Katya!)
  • Added a small "not yet built" prompt under Maze Preview whenever maze is cleared.
  • Huge update to the last page of the Intro screen, which now shows a scrollable table of ALL my software products, and clicking any row will open that product's web page. (Thanks Katya!)
  • POV & SVG export now fully support wiggly walls.
  • Allow ANY punctuation & symbol characters in MazePhrase text.
  • Added "Phrase (Puzzle) Letter Vertical Adjust:" slider to MazePhrase to slide letters up and down a bit in cells.
  • Changed PREVIEW area to toggle via radio-buttons.
  • BugFix: Resizing the window now updates the preview's maze title text size.
  • BugFix: When using Arrow Solution markers, and the END cell for the maze solution is not touching an edge wall, the last arrow in the solution becomes a non-directional cell dot instead.
  • BugFix: Maze wall "width" popup menus now describe wall thickness in a "relative way" (not fixed point size), so actual thickness is indeed relative to (and scales with) exported image size.

1.0.0 - March, 2022

It's 1.0, so everything is new!


Screen Shots



People are quite excited about what they can make with this software:

  • Minos Maze Maker is an incredible maze program. I’ve used it for student worksheets thus far but look forward to making more mazes. What I enjoy most are the different levels of difficulty – ranging from super easy to exceptionally difficult – and the large variety of shapes (square, circle and octagon are my favorite!) I can even add color to the mazes. I can’t wait to publish my first maze book! - Jen Olson


(Please contact me if you want to have your product/site added to this list!)


Help & FAQ & More Info

  • Q: Can I sell my book using mazes from this software?
    A: Yes, that is the whole point! No copyright or attributions needed.

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What is next?

Well, what would YOU like? If you let me know what things you would like to see next, and I will add them to my to-do list for the next update!


Press Kit

If you would like to publish a review of this software and would like more information and assets, download the free Press Kit below:

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