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Word Puzzle Activity Book

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My Word! Coffee -- Word Puzzles & More

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Delightfully Unique Activity Book

Looking for a big scoop of coffee puzzles and information? This unique blend of activities will delight and inspire adults and teens alike. As you work your way through the carefully crafted puzzles, artsy coloring pages and smirky quotes, the extra facts and recipe ideas will give you new insights into this coveted cup we call coffee. Perhaps you will discover a curious word along the way, like the word "phin", and then go look up how it relates to coffee. Work your way from the easy section (light roast), harder section (medium roast) to the diabolically hard section (dark roast.) Ah, and then there is a deeper final puzzle, which you can only solve after you have solved all these puzzle pages. This is all beautifully blended to bring you stimulating entertainment and extra information about this wonderful drink.

Fill your cup and grab a pencil and delve deep into the puzzles and pleasures of the wild world of coffee.

Variety of activities, increasing in difficulty

  • This 94 page book has three sections, moving you from easy through diabolically tricky puzzles.
  • Each section has several activities of different types:
    • Word Searches
    • Maze Phrases
    • Anagrams
    • Interesting coffee facts
    • Cryptograms
    • Fun coffee quotes
    • Abstract art coloring/doodle pages.
  • There are 74 activities in this book, plus some coffee history and recipe ideas, and an answer key for all puzzles in the back in case you run out of coffee early.
  • One final puzzle is only solvable after all other puzzles are solved.
  • All of the puzzles and artwork in this book are unique and custom-designed by me and my software. You will not find these puzzles anywhere else.

Buy it Here!

Now available in bookstores and shops locally and world-wide and on-line, for about $10 USD

You can order the book on-line here. If this link does not open to your country's local book-store site, please open your regular book-store web site, and search for the book "My Word! Coffee" or search for the ISBN: 979-8-7255-8687-9.

It is available at the dangerously-delicious Toffee shop "Anytime Toffee" in Ferndale, Washington, USA.

It is also available at the wonderful art supply store "Art and Happiness" in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Example Pages

Here are some example pages from the book:


Reviews - 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

Reviewed on May 12, 2021: I so enjoyed doing the thoughtful and captivating puzzles in this book every morning that I drank my morning coffee. If you want something that will keep your brain sharp and alert you need to buy this amazing puzzle book! Some puzzles were very challenging, which kept me even more engaged with the book!

Reviewed on April 29, 2021: I really enjoyed this book....and am still enjoying it. My BF and I started working our way through the puzzles and mazes as soon as we opened it. (Perhaps a little competitively) Such fun! I love all the coffee facts I'm learning. I cant wait to finish and see if we can find all the bonus answers. I would definitely be interested in more books like these with different topics and age levels. My kiddos love these types of things.

Free Puzzles!

Interested in trying a puzzle before buying the book? Perhaps you finished the book and now want more? Click the image below to directly download a puzzle similar to the ones in the book but brand new! NOTE: Some browsers may simply open the puzzle document and display it, so you may need to save/share the file to your computer, or control-click on the image to "download the linked file" instead of opening it.

Download Free Puzzles (".PDF" file)

Instagram Goodies

Follow the book series at @mywordbooks on Instagram and watch for contests, prizes, and free stuff!

Errata - Updates to errors in the book

Despite my best efforts to deliver an error-free book with numerous proof-readings, I missed some spots. The first 20 printed books had some errors, but are now all corrected.

To determine if you have the original book with the errors, or a newer book that is corrected, simply look at the "About the author" page, down at the bottom on the "Book Version" line. If it is "MW01.10K" it is the original with the error. If it has "MW01.11K" it is the corrected version of the book.

If you have one if the originals, here are the updates:

Page 19

Please update the two incorrect letters in the cryptogram to match the correct image below:

Page 42

An older incorrect word-search puzzle is on this page. I have found it, and built a corrected page that should be inserted and used instead of the existing page. I have included this updated page as a PDF, which you should be able to print, cut to size, and insert and use in the existing book(s) you have.
Click here to download a Zip-PDF of this corrected puzzle page.
I have now also updated the book on Amazon, so as of Monday (May 3, 2021) all future books ordered from Amazon will be correct.


About the Author

My first lifetime was spent in San Diego California, USA, attending UCSD and National University and collecting a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, writing various kinds of software including educational, language translation, tax preparation, and video/photo editing, as well as raising 2 children and a cat, and publishing a computer graphics book.

Now I am enjoying my second lifetime with my wife and the eagles and owls in the forests at the top of Washington State. I am busy writing my own software and books, composing music, making music videos, photographing wildlife, home-roasting my own coffee, traveling, exploring, and still learning and creating new things every day.

Contact Information

Have more questions? Want to send me feedback? Want new "My Word!" sequels?

Contact me here

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