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Available for Macintosh
Intel or Apple Silicon, MacOS 10.12 or newer

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Overview: What is "Pattern Bliss"?

Pattern Bliss is a unique graphic design tool that generates limitless seamlessly tiling abstract patterns. Create background patterns for brochures, designs for coloring books, custom wrapping paper, quilt prints, and even wrap frames around your own photos. Any patterns you create are completely free for you to use for any purpose.

Want instant results? Simply tap the Randomize button to instantly create new beautiful designs. Want to sculpt and play? Adjust those sliders to gently change the patterns to suit your needs, simple to ornate, boxy to swirly, offering limitless possibilities and beauty.

These flowing abstract patterns can be simple or complex, colored or B&W lines, single panel or seamlessly repeating. There are so many things you can create with them... here are just a few ideas:

  • Make unique patterns for brainstorming new artwork ideas.
  • Add instant backgrounds for desktop publishing projects.
  • Make backdrops and add your own artwork over them.
  • Use the patterns as templates for gilding, electro-plating, silk-screening, or 3D printing.
  • Generate ornate "Picture Frames" to lay over your own image/photo.
  • Make seamless tile artwork assets for wall or floor textures in your computer games.
  • Create abstract artwork for coloring book pages.
  • Create a variety of striking slide backdrops for presentations.
  • Calling all puzzle-makers, quilters, scrapbookers! Let your creativity loose!

Try-it-First - There is a free "Lite" version of this software that you can download for free and see how it works before you buy it.


Pricing & Download

Full Software

Lite Software

User Guide

$4.99 USD

Full Macintosh version: Click below to download from the App Store:

Full iPhone/iPad version: Click below to download from the App Store:

With the full version, all future updates are free.


Macintosh Lite version: Click below to download from the App Store:

iPhone/iPad Lite version: Click below to download from the App Store:

Macintosh Lite version: Click below to download directly from my web site:

Do you wish to try it first before you buy it? You can download and use this "Lite" version of the application for free.


Click below to download the Full User Guides (for Macintosh and for iOS):

If you want to look over the full user guide that comes with the software, it is separately and freely available here too (PDF document.) One for Mac, one for iOS.

Full/Lite Differences

Here are the differences between the "Full" and "Lite" software applications:



Here are some features that put Pattern Bliss at the top of the list as an outstanding abstract pattern generator.

  • Quickly create dozens or hundreds of wildly unique royalty-free patterns.
  • Share your patterns quickly via e-mail or social media.
  • 'Handoff' a pattern between any of your devices... run Pattern Bliss on your Macs and iPhones, bring them near each other, and click the Pattern Bliss hand-off icon, and BOOP! Pattern Bliss opens on your other device and displays the same pattern.
  • Easily export the images as PNG or JPG, in sizes ranging from 100x100 up to 4000x4000 pixels for high resolution publication in your own books, newsletters, social media/blog, or classroom handouts.
  • Open a "hole" in a pattern to turn it into an ornate border to add over your photos or artwork.
  • "Bookmark" up to 50 of your favorite patterns for immediately popping back to any time.
  • Supports Dark Mode and Full-Screen mode.
  • Work without a net... You can run Pattern Bliss anywhere... you never need an internet connection to create and export patterns.
  • Includes a comprehensive User Guide that contains over 20 pages of tutorials and tips and describes every option, getting you up-to-speed right away. Advanced features are explained, helping you create high-quality fun patterns.

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What's New in This Version

1.1.0, xx 4th, 2023

  • 8 New Patterns added (72 total)
  • Re-organized user interface
  • More helpful Intro screens
  • More preference settings
  • Added an option to show the current function name under the Preview
  • Added a "Not Seamless" indicator for some functions

1.0.0, May 4th, 2022

It's 1.0, so everything is new!


Screen Shots

Some Example Patterns, Seamlessly Tiled

Catalog of every "Starting" Function

Click here to view the large collection of starter-patterns, which you can then modify with different colors and coloring styles, zoom-levels, distortions, to create unlimited variations.



People are quite excited about what they can make with this software:

  • Fun!!! Creativity at your fingertips. App works well on my older model iPhone. Lots of design and color possibilities. There is also a setting for greyscale so you can print your own coloring page designs! In-app instructions are detailed and easy to navigate. Many site sharing options are available, too. Grab your device and start creating. --Lori


Pattern Bliss is being used all over the world, for fun and profit. Here are some places that are creating products with the software:

(Please contact me if you want to have your product/site added to this list!)


Help & FAQ & More Info


You can easily take any existing pattern...

and do some image-editing with other software to create your own sweet art:

Read the Software Privacy Policy Here


What is next?

Well, what would YOU like? If you let me know what things you would like to see next, and I will add them to my to-do list for the next update!


Press Kit

If you would like to publish a review of this software and would like more information and assets, download the free Press Kit below:

Download Press Kit (".zip" file)


Contact Me

If you have more questions or wish to send me feedback:

Contact Me

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