Have you thought about having a personalized commercial created for your business, introducing yourself and showing your work to your customers?  They always enjoy learning more about the real people behind the products.  It makes your business more interesting and personal, and drives more sales than a simple description on a web page does.

Unfortunately it is rather expensive and complicated to have all the high-quality equipment to shoot, edit, and publish a commercial.  But let us take care of that.  All you need to do is talk about and show off your product, something you are already comfortable doing.  We will tape and edit the video, add your logo, contact information, and even add customized music if needed.  After about 4-6 weeks, you then receive the completed commercial, on DVD and also a web-ready version.  The resulting video is all yours, to use however you wish.

Please compare our prices and terms with other video production services.  You will find us professional, very competitive, honest, and a lot of fun to work with.

For more specialized video work, it is best to first contact us with a description of what you would like done, and we can work on a quote.  There may be extra costs for travel, additional consulting, etc.  However, to give you a basic calculation of our prices on a standard shoot, we have a $100 setup fee, plus $50 for each minute of final video.  So a two-minute completed video will cost roughly $200.  This also includes the cost of mailing you the completed DVD and web-ready video (on separate CD-ROM.)  Simple as that!


Hi Eduard,

Both Miryha and I really enjoyed the interviews that you and Jeri did with us at Black Sheep Gathering last summer (2009).  The questions Jeri asked us really drew out a lot of information about our little businesses and we felt completely at ease during the taping.  You also did a great job of showing our products. We have had many compliments from friends and customers who have seen the interviews on You Tube.  It is so great to be able to tell people that they can go to YouTube, see us and hear about what we do.

We also thought that the interview you and Jeri did with the head of the Black Sheep Gathering event was wonderfully informative.  I loved the way you edited the video to have the interview in one corner while a tour of BSG was taking place.  This was very effective and I am sure will encourage new people to take the time to visit the wool show.  Thanks for a very professional and well done job.

All my best,

Lori Lawson

(Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio)


Capistrano Fiber Arts - Lori Lawson

Some Examples of our work:

Blarney Yarn - Miryha Runnerstrom

"Black Sheep Gathering" Overview - Peggy Lundquist

Based in Northern San Diego County, California


We're really pleased with the videos you shot of our band.

You’re a real pro at what you do. You’re reliable and so easy to work with. You not only considered our suggestions and needs, you also added terrific ideas of your own that really paid off.

The extras you added—shooting from different angles, the overhead shots and the individual shots with our names at the end of each piece—enhanced each video a lot. Without a doubt, you produced nice work throughout.

Plus, your post-production work added the final touches to make each of the videos as good as it gets. And, you posted them on YouTube for us, too!

You definitely made us look good!

Thanks so much.

The Paragon Band - San Diego

"Belle Aire" - Performed by the San Diego Mandolin Orchestra/Jim Trepasso conducting

"Besame Mucho" - Performed by the Paragon Band

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