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Book Series Overview

Have you been looking for a variety of carefully-crafted activity and puzzle books, for young and old? Books that have unique puzzles and intriguing information to learn? You found the spot.

I have custom-designed each of these books with my own artwork and puzzles, setting these books apart from the average activity books.

I am busy crafting more "My Word!" books, both for grown-ups and children. Some examples of upcoming books might be: Fiber Arts, Solar System, Dinosaurs, Music, Fungi...

Do you have a favorite topic you would like to see?


My Word! Books!

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Looking for a big scoop of coffee puzzles and information? This unique blend of activities will delight and inspire adults and teens alike. As you work your way through the carefully crafted puzzles, artsy coloring pages and smirky quotes, the extra facts and recipe ideas will give you new insights into this coveted cup we call coffee. Perhaps you will discover a curious word along the way, like the word "phin", and then go look up how it relates to coffee. Work your way from the easy section (light roast), harder section (medium roast) to the diabolically hard section (dark roast.) Ah, and then there is a deeper final puzzle, which you can only solve after you have solved all these puzzle pages. This is all beautifully blended to bring you stimulating entertainment and extra information about this wonderful drink.

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Are you ready to swoop into the exciting and mysterious world of owls? This 100 page activity book is overflowing with fun facts and myths about these secretive birds, with codes to crack and mazes to solve along the way. There are word searches, seek-n-find puzzles, and coloring pages to delight and inspire wise owls of all ages. Spread your wings and let your imagination take flight while making new discoveries about these amazing birds along the way! Of course if you need any hints, all the answers are in the back of the book.

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You have found a treasure-trove of dragon puzzles and wisdom, designed to inspire the imaginations of adults and teens alike. As you work your way through the carefully crafted puzzles, coloring pages and smirky quotes, all sorts of sparkly insights will be revealed about these sometimes mythical and sometimes very real creatures.

This 114 page book holds 77 activities and their solutions, including word searches, mazes and maze phrase puzzles, secret codes to crack, dragon coloring pages, fun dragon quotes & information, and a seek-n-find page.


About the Author

My first lifetime was spent in San Diego California, USA, attending UCSD and National University and collecting a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, writing various kinds of software including educational, language translation, tax preparation, and video/photo editing, as well as raising 2 children and a cat, and publishing a computer graphics book.

Now I am enjoying my second lifetime with my wife and the eagles and owls in the forests at the top of Washington State. I am busy writing my own software and books, composing music, making music videos, photographing wildlife, home-roasting my own coffee, traveling, exploring, and still learning and creating new things every day.

Contact Information

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